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Our Services

  • Business Development

    We have a wide experience of increasing the added value of natural raw materials such as fish, plants and by-products from land based animals. We find the unique advantages and new markets within food, food ingredients, nutritional supplements, functional food for products from fish, starch, soya and other plants, blood, meat and bones.

    Management for hire

    Do you have problems finding replacements for departing managers? Hire a manager from us! We undertake the roles of Managing Director, Marketing Manager, Director of Development etc.


    Perhaps you need someone with whom to discuss your ideas and visions? Entrepreneurs in new, rapidly growing companies do not always have the necessary contacts and know-how. So we are there to help. We offer support to companies, especially in the technology and biotechnology sectors.
  • Business Angel

    We are members of several networks of Business Angels in Sweden and Denmark. See “Links” for a list of ventures where we own shares.

    Board assignment

    We accept board assignments in industries such as biotechnology, technology, chemistry, food, food ingredients, packaging and functional food.

    Management issues

    Are you looking for assistance in establishing strategies or business plans? We also do evaluations of management teams and businesses; help with export start-ups and complex negotiations, besides undertaking business development, project management and cost reductions.